Preface [WIP]ΒΆ

SunVox is a portable music studio that fits perfectly into my life. It might also fit well into yours, as it has for thousands of others.

I discovered SunVox in early 2016, after a 12-year break from writing music. I was looking for ways to get back into it with modern tools, but without spending a lot of money.

“What a great tool this is,” I thought to myself after much experimentation. I was already convinced that SunVox was a tool I was going to spend many hours with.

Then, I discovered that it was also avalable for my phone. Everything I loved about SunVox now fit into my pocket!

A year later, I find myself writing this preface to this book, and actively maintaining other projects that aim to help people get the most out of SunVox.

Several people from the international SunVox community helped with the creation of this book, and they are all listed at the List of contributors page.

This book is our gift to you, the reader. Whatever your skill level, we hope you will find delight in learning about SunVox!

– Matthew R. Scott, Editor

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