Adding controller changes to patterns [TBW]ΒΆ

You already know that you can change controllers on Sunvox modules.

The question is: can you write those changes into patterns so that the changes happen during playback of a song?

Yes, this is possible. Here is how:

The first option is to put sunvox into record mode, and while it records, just change the controllers that you want to change. Sunvox will record your changes into a new pattern.

The second option is to open the Controller properties window, set the value to what you want, and then use the Write to pattern button. The value that you selected will then be written as a command into the active pattern where your cursor was.

When you play back the song, that change in the controller value will take effect at that point in the song.

If you know the syntax, you can even type the value into the pattern directly, but you don’t have to when the Controller properties window will do it for you.

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