Recording patterns from note input [TBW]ΒΆ

Sometimes you do not want to directly edit in every note. You know what you want to play, and how to get it in there, and you just want to record it into a pattern. Fortunately, this is easy in Sunvox.

At the bottom of your screen, make sure that you can see the timeline pane. Then click or tap to get the play head approximately where you want to start recording. I like to start a few seconds ahead. Also, make sure that you have selected the module for which you want to add more sound.

Then go up to the transport controls, under the virtual keyboard, and hit record. Sunvox will play back what you already have, and you can start to play new notes. Sunvox will create a new pattern that incorporates your additional notes.

Once you have finished, hit the stop button in the transport controls. You should see your new pattern in the timeline. Go back to play it, and you should hear your new notes. If you want to tweak what you did, simply edit the pattern directly as you would any other pattern.

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