Creating patterns in the timeline [WIP]ΒΆ

Make sure you have the timeline pane open at the bottom of your interface. If you are running sunvox on a small screen, you may have to switch from the module view to the pattern view.

On a touch interface, double-tap on the timeline where you want the new pattern. You should see it appear right where you double-tapped. It will have an automatically generated new icon on it, so that you can differentiate it from other patterns.

On a computer with a mouse, right-click on the background of the timeline, and when the menu opens, select New pattern.

In each case, you may want to tweak the pattern’s appearance and length, so while your chosen pattern is highlighted, select the menu icon for the timeline (horizontal bars, near the top right-hand corner of the timeline pane) and select Pattern properties. On a computer with a mouse, you can also right-click to get the menu.

In the Pattern Properties menu, you can give the pattern a name (I like to make it something useful, like: Bassline A Major), change the pattern’s length and the number of tracks, and alter the icon.

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